Brazil, Day 5: Crato, Home of the Leonards1 min read

This morning I probably woke up around 7:30 and guess what I had for breakfast? Yep…fried cheese, chocolate/vanilla swirl cake, bananas, hot milk, caja juice, some pina fruit, and bread with butter. Have I grown tired of it though? Absolutely not. That fried cheese is SO good. It squeaks like fresh cheese curds from Wisconsin.

Franklin and his wife Suzy and Matthew- three of the seminary students- joined us in the car for the ride to Crato. Along the way, we stopped at the camp that belongs to the Brazilian churches in the state of Ceara. It is a large, beautiful piece of land with a man-made lake lying between two mountains. The lake is really deep, 6 meters at one point.

It is a rustic camp without most of the conveniences of a

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