Brazil, Day 22: July 4th in Brazil

Ugh…I woke up so tired this morning! Not from going to bed late, but simply from being worn out the day before. I set my alarm to wake up early for a run, but I quickly put that idea aside when it sounded. I would rather be at my best throughout the day than to get in that run.

Went up to breakfast and ate a French roll with hotdogs and cheese, four slices of pineapple, papaya, and hot milk. I then stayed in the dining hall to do my devos in the first half of Acts 14. Read Full Post

Brazil, Day 4: First Sunday in the South

This morning I slept in until 7:30, ate a breakfast of cake, fried cheese, banana, and caja juice, and left for church. On Sunday morning they have Sunday School and then in the evening they have their main service because that’s when most people attend. Sunday evening at home is the exact opposite. Read Full Post

Philippines: A Reflection on the Trip

It is now about 9:14pm (10:14am Philippine time), a little over one week after we left Uncle James’ house for the Manila airport. It was a fun, educational, and eye-opening vacation/experience.

I enjoyed getting to know most of my relatives a little better- even those that I didn’t know I had. I liked going to visit all the pastors and learn about their ministries- especially Pastor Amar’s prison ministry. It was fun driving on the roads and seeing how everybody drives. The rice terraces were awesome and the roads leading there were almost just as fun and scary at the same time. Read Full Post

Philippines, Day 19: The Final Leg

As we came in sight of the city of Seattle, we tried to find anything that looked familiar to us. We had our best landing of the trip at about 2:15pm PST (5:15am Philippine time, 4:15pm CST) not having found anything familiar. I took a last look at one of my favorite airplanes, the 747 Jumbo Jet, owned by one of my favorite airlines, and then we moved on. Read Full Post