Day 56: Ecclesiastes 10:10

“If the ax is dull, and one does not sharpen the edge, then he must use more strength; but wisdom brings success.”

I’ve encountered similar problems in the past. The less prepared something is for its work, the harder it is to accomplish its work.

A dull ax requires more physical energy to cut through a tree. A violin bow without rosin requires more physical strength to pull a sound out of a string. A tired mind takes longer to digest information. Read Full Post

Day 55: Ecclesiastes 10:8-9

I’m not sure exactly what point these verses are trying to communicate, but it seems like it is stressing the importance of wisdom and caution in everything we do.

If I’m not careful, I may fall into the next hole I dig, or I may be bit by a serpent the next time I break through a wall. I may be hurt by quarrying stones or by splitting logs. I’m always prone to danger if I’m not careful in everything I do. Read Full Post

Day 54: Ecclesiastes 10:5-7

Hahaha…this passage kinda makes me laugh. At first sight, it looks like Solomon is complaining: “There is an evil I have seen under the sun…Folly is set in great dignity, while the rich sit in a lowly place. I have seen servants on horses, While princes walk on the ground like servants.” Read Full Post

Day 53: Ecclesiastes 10:4

“If the spirit of the ruler rises against you, Do not leave your post; For conciliation pacifies great offenses.”

Retaliation. Revenge. Rejection.

Those are a few things we might feel to a certain level whenever someone else is significantly unhappy with us. This passage uses the example of a ruler expressing dissatisfaction with a subordinate, but the principle in the second half of the verse can be applied to any situation. Read Full Post

Day 52: Ecclesiastes 10:2-3

Where is my heart? Ecclesiastes 10:2 says, “A wise man’s heart is at his right hand, but a fool’s heart at his left.”

During Bible times, the left hand was seen as bad. Right-handed people were good, and left-handed people had a severe problem. Of course, we know that there is nothing inherently about the left hand, but the cultural view was highly regarded. Read Full Post