Is Church Membership for Today?

Marriage today is not biblical.

Well, our modern construct of marriage in Western society is not biblical. I don’t want to speak for other countries and cultures.

To clarify, I’m not talking about homosexual unions and the like. Most Christians don’t need me to discuss the biblicality of those marriages. Read Full Post

Why We Misunderstand Church Membership


Although a fact of life that sometimes leads to humourous outcomes, misunderstanding usually leads to undesirable results.

Misunderstanding occurs when we fail to recognize the context and the intent with which something is communicated.

When we study the Bible, we refer to this as authorial intent. Read Full Post

Biblical Arguments Against Church Membership

The Bible gives us many reasons to consider church membership, and I explored some of those in my last article. But some people also use Scripture to give us reasons to question church membership as we know it today.

A lot of it comes down to interpretive methods and the presuppositions that people have when they read the Bible. Many Christians embrace the idea of formalized church membership, while others raise valid biblical reasons against it. Read Full Post

Does the Bible Actually Support Church Membership?

As we continue our exploration of church membership, it’s crucial to delve into the biblical foundations that supposedly underpin this concept. While the term “church membership” may not explicitly be found in the Bible, Scripture provides principles and examples that churches have used to form the basis for organized and committed community life within the body of Christ. Read Full Post

Did the First-Century Church Have Members?

In our ongoing exploration of church membership, we now turn our attention to the roots of this concept in the first-century Christian communities.

The early church, birthed in the cultural milieu of the Roman Empire, operated in a vastly different context than the institutionalized structures we know today. Let’s unearth the foundations of belonging in the early Christian assemblies. Read Full Post