Day 50: The End of the Journey


The plane began its descent on American soil, and shortly before 6am EST we were on the ground in Atlanta.

A new day, a new month, a new city…and a new perspective.

My ministry trip to Brasil is over, but life continues on. I could not just come back the same person that I was when I went there. But I’ll talk about that later. Read Full Post

Day 49: Fortaleza, My Brasilian Bookend


Hello, Fortaleza.

We arrived at the massive bus station in Fortaleza shortly before 7am and disembarked with our stuff.

We found a couple taxi cabs that took us to the BMM apartment office where I stayed during my first night in Brasil, and we dropped off our stuff there so we could go shopping.

After a light but tasty breakfast of granola, mamo, coconut yogurt, and caju juice, we went to a large mall a few miles away. Man, once again I was reminded of the CrAzY traffic and terrible infrastructure of that rapidly-growing city. Read Full Post

Day 48: A New Sleeping Experience


So, Tuesday morning I woke up enjoyed Aunt Julie’s homemade carne de sol tapioca for breakfast one last time, and spent the day packing and cleaning up any loose ends in the house. Other than that, not a whole lot went on.

For lunch we had mashed potatoes, chicken, and vegetables, and for supper we had a yummy macaxeira casserole with lettuce. (Notice how I still made sure to record what we ate. I’m weird like that.) Read Full Post

Day 47: The Beginning of Farewells

One of the beautiful things about new experiences are the new relationships you form. Indeed, for an experience to be enjoyable, relationships are one of those necessary elements. Well, I enjoyed several new relationships during my time in Brazil, and it was time to start saying farewell to some of the more significant people I had met  during my trip. Read Full Post

Day 46: Bittersweet Ministry

Preface: This post (and the next four) are LONG overdue. I completed my ministry in Brasil in July 2013, but I never finished writing about it. After spending time with Uncle Jim and Aunt Julie tonight in freezing Iowa, and soon to embark on a new ministry experience, I decided I need to get on here and finish recording my Brasil experience. Read Full Post