Day 42: Desert Adventure

Sobradinho Dam

This morning we went to meet the rest of Uncle Byron and William’s family at their home and to have some fun with William. We ate a breakfast of French toast with mamo (papaya) smoothies and at about 9:30 we jumped in the car to drive to Sobradinho, Bahia, another city in another state about an hour away. Read Full Post

Brazil, Day 20: The Good Ol’ Days

Got up around 5:45 and went for a 6K run, read the first half of Acts 13 where Paul preaches to the Pharisees after being commissioned as a missionary, took a shower, and went to breakfast with Stevie. For breakfast we had scrambled eggs, French rolls with butter, and papaya. I avoided the gross coffee once again and drank several mugs of hot milk. Read Full Post

Brazil, Day 17: A Better View of the Area

Accidentally woke up too late to do any exercise this morning, and I couldn’t have run even if I wanted to. There is a couples retreat going on at the seminary, so the whole campus is all decorated and the road is kind of taped off.

Getting in there is hard enough because most of the time they don’t allow people who aren’t involved in the retreat to enter. Several years ago when Pastor Jim was president of the school, he tried to get in just to go to his office, and they wouldn’t let him! So, I can’t run there again until Monday. Read Full Post

Brazil, Day 13: A Little Assistance and a Little A

This morning I ran four kilometers, but I tried to pick up the pace so I was running harder than I had on previous mornings. For breakfast I had tapioca (a tapioca wrap) stuffed with sun-dried meat and cheese, and for dessert I had a slice of papaya. I think that is one of my favorite breakfast foods so far. Perhaps because it’s like a breakfast eggroll. Read Full Post

Somehow I completely missed out on the news about Daylight Savings starting this weekend. But fortunately, my church emailed me yesterday to remind me to set my clock ahead, and today I arrived on time.

But I found out that my church was doing more than just preventing people from forgetting about DST. I walked through the fellowship hall and discovered that they were also prepared to help everyone who might be feeling the effects from an hour less of sleep. Read Full Post