What Impact Does Fear Have on the Economy?

Fear Scrabble Pieces

Humanly speaking, capitalism has made America one of the greatest economic successes in history.

Of course, we know that God ultimately has blessed America so that our country could become what it is today. But I believe he has blessed us because of our overall desire to do things the way he intended us to do them. Read Full Post

What Does Fear Do to Us?

Toilet Paper Usage

211 days.


Under normal circumstances, that’s how long the current supply of toilet paper will last at my house.

A new study I conducted last night on https://howmuchtoiletpaper.com/* indicates that my toilet paper should last until October.

Ironically enough, my wife bought toilet paper before Covid-19 started to manifest itself in America, and she bought in bulk from Sam’s Club because it was the cheapest option. Read Full Post

Fear: The Powerless Emotion That Controls Us

Fearful Man

Our world has a fascination with fear. Horror movies are becoming increasingly popular, especially among younger populations. Many people (myself included) like to hide in the shadows at home and startle unsuspecting family members. Many governments around the world use fear to control their countries. On a more somber note, predators often use fear to keep their victims from trying to escape or contact a rescuer. Read Full Post