A Dream of My Country

The other night I had a dream. It was a dream about my beloved country, the United States of America. It was a bittersweet dream…

It was bittersweet because it was also a dream about me…perhaps a nightmare of sorts. It was an uncomfortable dream that woke me up to reality while I slept comfortably. It was…well, the best way to describe it is just to recount it. Read Full Post

Because I Can…

Four weeks ago I took a seminary module at Faith Baptist Theological Seminary. One of the “perks” of a module is a less formal dress code than both the college and seminary. So when I went to class that week, I was the “lucky” guy that didn’t have to wear a tie to class. Read Full Post

Why Do I Do This?!

So, I’ve gone on many a Black Friday excursions. I remember going with Dad when I was young, helping him get gifts. That was when the stores offered doorbuster prizes to the first 100 or so people who went through the doors. Snowmen, gift cards, Matchbox cars…

I’ve also gone a few times by myself, mostly in the last few years. Most of those times I’ve waited in the Staples store line to get a hard drive or blank CDs. My most profitable year by far was the year I waited at Target for $100 Star Wars Lego sets that were on sale for $50. I got two of them and sold them for a total of about $250 on eBay- definitely worth that wait. Read Full Post


The Eagle’s Nest erupted with cheers as students heard the name of their school mentioned on national television. Thanksgiving break was only hours away, but the students at little-known Faith Baptist Bible College in Ankeny, IA were excited for a totally unrelated reason. FBBC, a member of the NCCAA Division II in athletics, Read Full Post