We Don’t Know What to Do!!! – Part 2

Little Kid

I love little kids. They love life. They love to explore what life has to offer.

They also know that there are many things they cannot do or experience on their own, and they are often humble enough and carefree enough to ask for help.

I love it when kids come to me and ask for help or ask for a favour when they know that they are helpless to do something themselves. I love it when my little brothers go up to a man at church and ask him for candy because they know he has a lot and is happy to share. Read Full Post

We Don’t Know What to Do!!! – Part 1

Has there ever been a time in your life when you just didn’t know what to do next? I’m not talking about last week when you woke up with a cough and didn’t know whether you should go to work or school. Nor am I talking about the other day when you ate a huge supper and didn’t know whether or not to have dessert. Read Full Post

Games, More Games, a Movie, and the Gospel

Well, I just realized that I never wrote about rest of the Family Fun Nights that we had at Bennington Baptist Church this summer. I wrote about our Western night and what a great evening it was. We had an amazing turnout that we had prepared for but were definitely not expecting, and it encouraged us greatly as we moved on to our other three events. Read Full Post