Two Weeks Until Take-off!2 min read

The countdown’s getting lower every day! Two weeks from today I will fly to Brazil, and I just received final approval from Baptist Mid-Missions for my trip!

Over the last few weeks I have been working to get my required immunizations, finalize my flight plans, and organize materials that I will be bringing with me. My visa came in a long time ago, so all required documents for entering the country have been received.

Thank you to everyone who supported me and to my church and those individuals who still gave me financial support even after I received everything I needed for travel expenses. With the extra money, I was able to purchase 100 books and teaching materials for the English retreat that we will be hosting this summer. The books arrived yesterday, and they will take up half of my allowed weight for one of my checked bags. Exciting!

In addition to that curriculum, there are also plans for me to order new music stands for the seminary to use in the music conference that we are having. Thanks again to everyone who gave to my trip, even above and beyond my goal so that I could purchase some of these things for the missionaries to use this summer.

I am still finishing up a little homework for a seminary module I took at school, but by the time my trip comes, I will be homework-free! So what am I going to do with my free time during layovers?

Well, I decided I might as well take some Bibles along with me and try to share the gospel with some of the other travelers I meet. So I ordered several NKJV New Testaments (for the low price of $1.29 each), and I will take a few in my carry-on. The logic is that the more active I am in talking to people and giving them away, the lighter my bag will be, eh?

So here are some prayer requests as I prepare to leave:
1) Wisdom in my packing so I don’t leave anything important behind
2) Preparation of my heart for serving and being stretched
3) Boldness to share the gospel when God gives me the opportunities on my trip there

If you’d like to receive weekly email updates from me during my trip, please email me at to let me know. Thanks!

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