Day 56: Ecclesiastes 10:101 min read

“If the ax is dull, and one does not sharpen the edge, then he must use more strength; but wisdom brings success.”

I’ve encountered similar problems in the past. The less prepared something is for its work, the harder it is to accomplish its work.

A dull ax requires more physical energy to cut through a tree. A violin bow without rosin requires more physical strength to pull a sound out of a string. A tired mind takes longer to digest information.

It is more efficient to take time and sharpen the ax. It is easier to rosin the hairs on a bow before playing. It is smarter to sleep and rest the brain rather than staying up too long trying to study for an exam.

A fool is one who keeps cutting with the same dull ax, thinking that he’ll gain more by continuing on with the same process. But a wise man is one who takes time to consider all the implications of his actions and the condition of his resources before continuing on.

Am I being mindful of what God has given me to make the best use of the things He has given me? Or do I mindlessly go on, doing things the same way, wasting my strength?

Mind over matter…brains over brawn…wisdom over work.

Wise is the man that considers his ways
And finds better ways to accomplish his deeds.
But woe to the man who wastes all his days
Using worn means to meet all his needs.

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