Day 53: Ecclesiastes 10:41 min read

“If the spirit of the ruler rises against you, Do not leave your post; For conciliation pacifies great offenses.”

Retaliation. Revenge. Rejection.

Those are a few things we might feel to a certain level whenever someone else is significantly unhappy with us. This passage uses the example of a ruler expressing dissatisfaction with a subordinate, but the principle in the second half of the verse can be applied to any situation.

More often then not “conciliation pacifies great offenses.” A quiet, peaceable spirit calms an outraged one. Composure alleviates anger.

Most of the time, our natural response is to lash out at anyone that gets angry with us. We add to the opposition that already exists between us.

Sometimes we may wrong a person and they have reason to be unhappy. Sometimes we may genuinely be right and a misunderstanding on their part causes them to “rise up” against us. Whatever the case, there’s no sense in making a situation worse.

When faced with a someone who isn’t pleased with you, don’t run, but don’t advance either. Maintain your composure, allow the dust to settle, and promote peace by trying to resolve the problem.

When someone rises up against you,
Hold your peace whate’er you do.
Composure ends most opposition
And starts conciliation.

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