Day 55: Ecclesiastes 10:8-91 min read

I’m not sure exactly what point these verses are trying to communicate, but it seems like it is stressing the importance of wisdom and caution in everything we do.

If I’m not careful, I may fall into the next hole I dig, or I may be bit by a serpent the next time I break through a wall. I may be hurt by quarrying stones or by splitting logs. I’m always prone to danger if I’m not careful in everything I do.

In addition I need to work hard to prevent harmful situations, both physically and spiritually. Prevention of danger makes safety so much easier.

How often do we take part in activities that are questionable to our well-being? Am I careful to discerningly protect myself for God’s glory?

What about spiritually? Life is going to wear on me, so am I prepared to be aware of the pitfalls and serpents and avoid them?

Many things may be good and necessary to do, but I need to make sure I don’t hurt myself by engaging in those tasks.

Many good things can also bring pain
If they are not done in a correct way.
So wisdom is good for those who are sane,
For safety in all that they do and they say.

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