Brazil, Day 19: Preparation for Sacred Music Week

I woke up at 5:15 to watch the sunrise, but there were no clouds in the sky to make for a beautiful sunrise, so I just went back to bed. At 6:40 I woke up again to go running. This time I went up and down the seminary campus steps several times.

For breakfast we had scrambled eggs with ham, toast, orange pineapple juice, and papaya. Stephen, Sarah, Olivia, Danae, Jennifer, and I had a meeting at 8:00 in the chapel to start cleaning the campus in preparation for the music week, so we headed to yonder chapel immediately after eating. Read Full Post

Brazil, Day 5: Crato, Home of the Leonards

This morning I probably woke up around 7:30 and guess what I had for breakfast? Yep…fried cheese, chocolate/vanilla swirl cake, bananas, hot milk, caja juice, some pina fruit, and bread with butter. Have I grown tired of it though? Absolutely not. That fried cheese is SO good. It squeaks like fresh cheese curds from Wisconsin. Read Full Post


Well, after 10 summers on staff at Iowa Regular Baptist Camp, God is leading me somewhere else this year. If you haven’t guessed already, this summer I am going to Brazil.

God has blessed me with the opportunity to serve Him there for seven weeks alongside Jim and Julie Leonard, long-time family friends. I am excited for this ministry and consider it a privilege to become acquainted with missions work in Northeast Brazil. For many years I have wanted to go on an overseas missions trip, but I just never felt God leading me that direction. Well, this summer He has! Read Full Post

2011: The Music, a Musician, and the Maestro


Have you ever thought of time as a piece of music? Perhaps a concerto with millennia as movements, centuries as periods, years as phrases, and weeks as measures?

You and I are each musicians in the largest orchestra ever created, the universe as our hall, the earth as our shell, the angels as our audience, and God as the Maestro. We each have our own responsibility to play our parts correctly, but ultimately it is God who masterfully controls the performance and receives the credit for a piece well-played. Read Full Post