2011: The Music, a Musician, and the Maestro2 min read

OrchestraHave you ever thought of time as a piece of music? Perhaps a concerto with millennia as movements, centuries as periods, years as phrases, and weeks as measures?

You and I are each musicians in the largest orchestra ever created, the universe as our hall, the earth as our shell, the angels as our audience, and God as the Maestro. We each have our own responsibility to play our parts correctly, but ultimately it is God who masterfully controls the performance and receives the credit for a piece well-played.

Festival of CarolsSeveral interesting melodies and dynamics were heard this year! False alarms of the end of the world, devastating tropical storms, sports scandals, and the 10-year anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Well, as a violinist (or perhaps a utility musician) in this orchestra, I would like to tell you about the music of 2011 from my stand.

The Music
Measure 1: Mainly full of rests for me, but I had one exciting pick-up note to measure 2- my youngest brother’s first birthday. What a joy it was to celebrate the life of James, my seventh sibling.

Contenders at MeltdownMeasures 2-9: Somewhat busy as school started back up at FBBC. Lots of notes, but nothing overwhelming. Having taken music lessons from the Maestro himself I was well-equipped to take on the part I was given. Some of the fortes included two weekend ministries at Bennington Baptist Church and two more weekend ministries at IRBC winter retreats.

Measure 10: Another respite I fondly refer to as Spring Break. Not as restful as measure 1, but still a welcome rest before several measures of ear-pleasing craziness.

Measures 11-13: A mighty crescendo and accelerando toward an enthusiastic fortissimo! The theme of these three weeks was Missions Conference. As president of the Student Missionary Fellowship at Faith, I had many responsibilities in relation to Missions Conference, and I loved them all. I was blessed with such a good group of people to work with, and the conference went smoothly. The sessions were challenging, and God was glorified as we asked God to “enlarge our hearts” toward sharing the Gospel.

Measure 13 ended with the incredible privilege of being a judge for the Digital Media category at the Iowa Talents For Christ. TFC had such a huge impact in my life during my high school years. After competing for six years and accompanying on the piano for one year, 2010 was my first year doing nothing for TFC, so I was excited to once again participate in the event.

Bennington TripMeasures 14-18: Another climactic buildup ending in an exciting half-cadence. With school and my additional involvement in

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  1. Josh, I so enjoyed reading your blog. God is really blessing your life. You are a very talented musician, and you are using your talents for the Lord! It is always a blessing to hear you play the violin and play the piano. And thanks so much for playing my grandfather’s violin! I’m just so glad that when it finally got played, it was played for the Lord!

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