The Day Satan Won1 min read

As the darkness settled in, it almost felt as if time had stopped.

But it had not. Time continued to travel at its normal pace, unabated by the death of its maker.

Remember that day?

Rocks were severed as the earth groaned and shook, but this too was normal for a world that was cursed.

Remember that day?

Cross on a HillAn angel looked on, full of sinister glee; he finally had triumphed, and now he was first!

The darkness he savoured had conquered the light, and the one who was timeless had come to an end.

Remember that day?

Of course, this tragic fate could have been avoided had the one now lifeless simply followed his lead.

This angel offered those rocks as food to the man, but he refused and they remained as mere stones.

He told him to jump off the temple in town and prove that the angels would come to his aid. But once again the man said no, rejecting this angel and needing no others.

On one more occasion he offered the world to the man who he knew already owned the whole thing. But the man wouldn’t break, wouldn’t budge, wouldn’t bow…

…and now with head bowed, he relinquished it all.

Remember that day?

With a scheme and a team, Satan realized his dream, for Jesus had died without bruising his head.

The Light of the World had lost to the Angel of Light, and now darkness would reign until all was destroyed.

Satan had lost every time until now, but now it was winner takes all, and he did.

Remember that day?

Satan – 1
Jesus – 0

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