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“Please tell your church that we thank them for letting you come and minister to us.”

The Ghanaian man who translated for me as I preached thanked me profusely for coming to his church while the congregation nodded their heads in agreement. It meant so much to them that my church in Minnesota would share me with them for a Sunday, one-third of the way around the globe.

When I returned home from Ghana a month ago, I fulfilled my mission and made sure to pass that message on to my church family. But the people at Baptist church in Lawra, Ghana, are not the only ones who are thankful for my church.

Outdoor Church ServiceToday marks two years for me as an assistant pastor at Lighthouse Baptist Church in Cottage Grove, MN, and I am extremely grateful for this body of believers!

From the beginning they accepted me as family and made me feel at home in my new role, and I do not think God could have placed me in a better situation.

Actually, I know He could not have because His ways are perfect.

Junior Church KidsSo after 730 days at Lighthouse Baptist, why am I thankful to be here?
1) God has given me a loving, supportive church family
2) God has placed me on a pastoral team (alongside a senior pastor and youth pastor) that works together so well
3) God has given me a senior pastor who encourages me to cultivate my loves for photography and travel in addition to my responsibilities in the church
4) God has given me many opportunities to teach children and answer their many questions about the Bible
5) God has given me the opportunity to help several young people develop their musical abilities
Sunday School Prayer Walk6) God has given me the privilege of directing a handbell ensemble
7) God has allowed me to go on several missions trips around the world without disrupting my ministry at home
8) God has placed me near an airport that makes ministry abroad more accessible
9) God has equipped me to start using videography for ministry and subsequently expanded my ministry capacity
10) God has provided for all my needs and much more

What do the next 731 days hold (2020 has one extra day 😉 )? I do not fully know, but I believe they will be even better because I am a child of God.

Thank you Lighthouse for allowing me to serve you and for allowing God to use you to keep changing my life!

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