Day 48: A New Sleeping Experience1 min read

IMG_2897So, Tuesday morning I woke up enjoyed Aunt Julie’s homemade carne de sol tapioca for breakfast one last time, and spent the day packing and cleaning up any loose ends in the house. Other than that, not a whole lot went on.

For lunch we had mashed potatoes, chicken, and vegetables, and for supper we had a yummy macaxeira casserole with lettuce. (Notice how I┬ástill made sure to record what we ate. I’m weird like that.)

In the evening we left the Sitio Alegre and the seminary and went to the bus station in Crato. Once in Fortaleza, I was going to fly to the US, Danae was going to fly to the US, and Uncle Jim and Aunt Julie were going to fly south to visit their daughter and son-in-law. So, rather than driving to Fortaleza and leaving their car there for awhile, we purchased tickets for a sleeper bus that would drive us through the night.

I had never traveled or slept like this before. In fact, I don’t recall the last time I took a public bus somewhere.

Sleeper Bus

But this was a great experience! Our bus had seats that reclined all the way back so we could sleep the whole way back to the big city. I think we had to wait about an hour for our bus to arrive because it was late. But once it got there, we boarded quickly and were on our way.

Several times throughout the night I woke up when we made various stops, but I fell asleep right away again. I slept really well and really enjoyed the ride.

Good-bye Crato.

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