The Simple Joys1 min read

Tonight at Master Club (the Wednesday night kids program at Heartland Baptist in Ames) one of the fifth-grade girls who I barely know came up to me and said, “A miracle happened this morning!”

I responded, “What?!”

She said, “My mom was released from prison!”

Me: “That’s so great! I’m glad to hear that!”

Girl: “Yeah, she’s been there for five years!” The glow on her face made that moment the highlight of my day.

Wow…she’s been without her mom since she was in kindergarten or first grade. It reminded me of the “simple” joys of life that I’ve experienced and have yet to experience.

1) I’ve had both of my parents at home my whole life and all my siblings for their entire lives.

2) When I was saved, I was released from a prison to sin.

3) Someday, I will be released from the prison of my mortal body and be given an immortal one.

4) Some of my family members have already been released from the prisons of this life and are waiting in heaven for me, and I’m looking forward to that reunion.

5) Each time someone is saved, they are released from prison for the first time ever in life, and I should be ecstatic!

6) God has made all these things possible, and if I don’t have the same joy that that girl had upon receiving her mother again, shame on me.

Thank you God, for the reminder of your grace in my life tonight, and thank you that this girl received her mom back once again.

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