Day 60: Ecclesiastes 11:7-101 min read

Wow…at the age of 23, this passage really strikes me. I feel like I am in that time of life between youth and old age, even though I know the expanse between the two is greater than that. But going to college with “kids” that are six years younger than me, I just don’t feel young anymore, yet if I were to live the average lifespan, I’m less than a third of the way through.

Regardless, what a great reminder from Ecclesiastes. No one can be young forever, so enjoy it while you have the opportunity! Nevertheless, remember that there is more to life than just the youthful years. In fact, in comparison to rest of life and eternity, it’s almost pointless!

Yes, there’s value in the early years, but there’s greater value in the years following. “Rejoice, O young man, in your youth, And let your heart cheer you in the days of your youth; Walk in the ways of your heart, And in the sight of your eyes; But know that for all these God will bring you into judgment.”

Have I enjoyed my younger years? More importantly, have I lived them in a way that is pleasing to God? What about rest of my life that is still ahead of me?

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