Philippines, Day 16: Back to Manila2 min read

This morning, Friday morning, we woke up and left the hotel around 8:26am (7:26pm CST) after eating breakfast at Chow King again. I thought we were going to go straight back to Manila, but it turned out that we had more relatives to go see.

This time we went to meet Jessie Rose’s inlaws. They had a very nice seven-bedroom house in Urdanetta. It was more like a normal house you would expect to find in America. We had a tour of it and everybody talked for awhile.

I thought that we would only be there a few minutes, but that turned into about one hour and forty-five minutes. Then, at 10:45am (9:45pm CST), two-and-a-half hours after breakfast, we ate lunch with them. Finally, after they had talked a little longer, we left at about 12:00pm (11:00pm CST).

This time we headed straight back to Manila. We went with Uncle Job and Aunt Josie to the Greenhills Shopping Center again to finish getting what we needed for people back home. We also got some pastries. I think it’s funny how they give you discounts of five pesos if you buy 25 five-peso pastries. Most of the discounts they give you for bulk purchases are not really discounts at all!

Whenever you walk by a “store” those who are selling the things always call out “Yes sir, watches sir” or “Yes maam, toys” or something similar. I noticed a long time ago that almost everyone sounds the same, no matter what they say.

I also think it’s funny how they sell so many “name-brand” things so cheap. If any of these guys went to America, they would probably make a lot of money. Nobody over there would be able to tell the difference between what’s real and what’s fake. Just because the shirt says “Made in France” doesn’t mean it’s really made in France.

At home, Uncle James and Aunt Lisa and all the other adults talked about the meeting with Uncle Joseph. I got a few things done, but then I got so tired that I just had to go to sleep.

Breakfast- Rice chow, shanghai eggrolls, pineapple juice

Snack- Lansones, tropical punch

Lunch- Rice, chicken, fish, shrimp, mixed vegetables, sweet rice, tropical punch

Snack- Sinuman, banana

Supper- Rice, adobo chicken, mung beans, fish, pineapple, chico, banana

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