A Year of Questions, Part 6: “Are You Back in Minnesota for Awhile?”

In 2015 I started getting into the habit of traveling a lot. While doing an internship in Omaha, I still had to take seminary classes in Ankeny, IA, so I estimate that I made about 40 of those 5-hour round trips that year. God also provided opportunities that year to go on a family vacation in Washington and Oregon, an orchestra tour in Minnesota, a short soccer tournament trip in Florida, and a ministry trip in the San Francisco Bay area. Read Full Post

Philippines: A Reflection on the Trip

It is now about 9:14pm (10:14am Philippine time), a little over one week after we left Uncle James’ house for the Manila airport. It was a fun, educational, and eye-opening vacation/experience.

I enjoyed getting to know most of my relatives a little better- even those that I didn’t know I had. I liked going to visit all the pastors and learn about their ministries- especially Pastor Amar’s prison ministry. It was fun driving on the roads and seeing how everybody drives. The rice terraces were awesome and the roads leading there were almost just as fun and scary at the same time. Read Full Post

Philippines, Day 19: The Final Leg

As we came in sight of the city of Seattle, we tried to find anything that looked familiar to us. We had our best landing of the trip at about 2:15pm PST (5:15am Philippine time, 4:15pm CST) not having found anything familiar. I took a last look at one of my favorite airplanes, the 747 Jumbo Jet, owned by one of my favorite airlines, and then we moved on. Read Full Post

Philippines, Day 18: Fond Farewell

[Because the Philippines is half a day ahead of the US, we left the Philippines on Sunday, July 4, and arrived back in Minneapolis over 24 hours later on the same Sunday, July 4. I will split the return trip into two blog posts.]

This morning, we left the Philippines. Dad had stayed up most of the night packing our stuff. All we had left to pack when we woke up were some shells that we had collected from the ocean beaches in Sta. Maria. However, at breakfast, Uncle James told us that there were some shells that we should not take with us. Read Full Post

Philippines, Day 17: Into the Maximum Security Prison

On Saturday morning- today- we came to the dental office for one last visit. On the way here, we went by the house where Dad was born and first grew up in. It was not much compared to the house we’re staying in that he later lived in. The bakery that used to be across the street from them, Moonlight Bakery, is not there anymore. Dad said that he didn’t even recognize the street anymore. Read Full Post