Philippines, Day 12: Another Day in the Dental Office1 min read

On Monday, we went to Uncle James’ office again. Today was supposed to be Dad’s last day there, but once again (for the second time in a row), it wasn’t. We spent about five hours in the waiting room only to find out that we have to go back. I did get a lot of writing done though.

I found out that we have to get up at two of the clock tomorrow morning to go to Baguio again. I am guessing that we are getting an average of six hours of sleep each night. We either get back very late at night or we wake up before the the crowing rooster gets up- or a combination of both- and I’m surprised that I still have energy each day. Maybe it’s the food I’m eating.

I wonder how the cooks at camp do it- get up early go to bed late. Maybe it’s the food they eat too.

It’s neat to watch this house being redone. Everyone works so hard, even though what they get paid is basically nothing compared to what I get from just one week at camp. Ken, [the nephew of someone we were doing stuff with], told me last Sunday that he once made 11,000 pesos ($200) in one month.

He told me that here in the Philippines 11,000 pesos is above average for one month. On the other hand though, most of the stuff here is cheaper than the stuff back home. At least almost all the food is. It

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