Philippines, Day 10: Shopping Adventures2 min read

On Saturday, we went back to Huang Dental Office because Dad needed something done with his teeth. But when we got there, we discovered that they didn’t have any electricity.

We waited around for awhile in the terribly hot office and finally left after lunch. Aunt Becky Lim, Aunt Lisa’s sister, took us to a mall to help us find some slacks for me.

We went to a department store first. It was a lot different from our stores. First of all, they sold fake Legos. They looked exactly like Legos except they were called “Brick” instead of Lego. The clothes department also had pant sizes down to a 27-inch waist. The most interesting thing though was the number of employees who worked at one time. They literally had one person every three meters (10 feet) (literally) to help you.

Actually, the main reason they had so many people was to make sure that nothing was stolen. (It makes you wonder if the crime rate in this country is good or bad. Because of it many more people here have regular jobs.) The combination of the latter two things mentioned allowed us to have no problem at all finding what we needed. We got the slacks I needed and then brought them to be hemmed, in the same store.

While we waited for that to get done we went to the National Book Store. The bookstore was having a “Back to School” sale which unusual to us. I still have a hard time believing that school starts in June here. Then again, I suppose almost any season here could be summer vacation for them. We also got halo-halo from the “Iceberg”.

After picking up my pants, we left the mall and met up with [someone whose name I can’t remember]. They took us to Shoe Mart for the remainder of the evening. We basically just looked around, but we did find “The Ultimate Lego Book” at the National Book Store there. I had wanted the book for a long time, so we got it when we found out that it was a good price.

For supper we went to [some place I can’t remember]. We had a really good meal there and then we went home.

Breakfast- Rice, salted fish rice, sweet and sour fish, sausage, chicharone, pan de sal with peanut butter, banana, cold chocolate, ube ice cream

Lunch- Rice, Chicken Joy w/ gravy, vegetables, chocolate cake from Aunt Becky’s birthday, Pepsi

Snack – Halo-halo, water

Supper- Fried rice, beef ‘n broccoli flower, barbecue pork, fried chicken, —— soup, wanton, mango shake, root beer

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