Philippines, Day 7: Trip to Baguio City1 min read

On Wednesday, we spent the day driving to Baguio City. Bing-Bing took us to his house where we e-mailed our family. After that, Bing-Bing’s family joined us and we got headed toward Baguio City.

It was exciting to watch out the window as we passed rice paddy after rice paddy after rice paddy. It was also really neat as we got up into the mountains. There were a few simple rice terraces to look at; the temperature also started to drop. The road through the mountains was quite windy, but that made it all the more fun.

Upon arriving in Baguio City, we went to meet one of Dad’s friends. They were the ones who [a friend] stayed with when he went to the Philippines. We went to Shoe Mart [a HUGE department store chain in the Philippines] with them and we looked out over the city from the top floor of the mall. It was a nice view and I saw my first soccer goal since coming here.

For supper we went to Chow King outside the mall. We ate with Dad’s friend and her husband and her two daughters, Precious and Sunshine. The meal I got was pretty good-sized, but it only cost 84 pesos- equivalent to $1.52.

After supper, we went to this family

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