Philippines, Day 4: Church, a Fort, and a Mall1 min read

On Sunday, we attended Dad’s old church in Manila, Grace Gospel Church. His dad had taken him there as a child, and he had been a member there until he went to America. When he had attended, there was only one service. Now there are two English services with a Chinese service sandwiched in between the two. The Chinese service just happened to be at the same time as the former single service, and that’s the one we went to.

All of the songs were in Chinese, although we knew the songs in English so we could follow along. The sermon was in English with a Chinese translator, so we understood that. The only things that were difficult to understand were the prayers and one testimony. It was a little different than our church because some of the ushers were women. They also used red, velvet bags instead of plates for the offering.

Afterwards, we went out to some different places with Lola

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