Philippines, Day 2: Sights, Sounds, and Traffic1 min read

On Friday, we went with Uncle John and his brother-in-law to see the Taal Volcano. We ate at a restaurant called Leslie’s and then we went and looked at the volcano. On the way there and back, we saw tricycles, hundreds of roadside markets, water buffalo (carabao), pineapple fields, and shanty houses. I feel bad for those people.
Once again, the traffic was pretty bad. People were even driving on the shoulder (Dad and Uncle John called it the suicide lane) so that they could pass other people!

After seeing the volcano, we went and toured the boyhood home of Jose Rizal in Calamba. That was fun and educational. Outside his house in the downtown area, the main road vehicles were tricycles! That was pretty neat except for all the pollution from the diesel engines.
On the way home, something interesting happened. We were going to go to Starbucks but we missed the exit. However, instead of continuing on, Uncle John’s brother-in-law (the driver) pulled onto the shoulder, put the car in reverse, and backed up all the way to the exit’s exit!
At Starbucks, there were a few different things that caught our attention. First of all, we saw a Previa. Actually it was called a Lucida, and the neat thing about it was that the sliding door was on the opposite side of a normal Previa. At the Starbuck

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