Day 57: Ecclesiastes 10:11-151 min read

I see here several characteristics of the fool when he speaks.

First of all, he speaks out of turn (Ecclesiastes 10:11). He doesn’t need to be prompted to share his futile thoughts or his detrimental words. He just speaks freely to his own hurt and that of others.

Secondly, there is no kindness in his words (Ecclesiastes 10:12). His words will tear people apart before they minister grace to the needy ear.

Thirdly, his speech gets worse and worse as he continues (Ecclesiastes 10:13)! He starts with things that are silly and unprofitable, but then he moves on to things that are downright terrible! You don’t want to be around a fool who has time to talk and speak his mind!

Fourthly, a fool just keeps talking (Ecclesiastes 10:14). Perhaps

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