W.I.L.D. 2011: A Wilderness Experience2 min read

Okay people, here it is. Many of you have been waiting to hear about my wilderness trip in Canada three weeks ago. But under orders to keep quiet about my trip for two weeks and re-engage in life back here at home, I have refrained from giving too many details.

Finally, the time has come when I can begin to tell you about my experience in the Algonquin. I have been reflecting on the trip and processing the things I have learned, and I am more than ready to share my experience and encourage everyone who is able to participate in W.I.L.D. next year.

W.I.L.D 2011 FBBC Group

Here’s the group from Faith that went this year (from left to right): Eric, Thomas, Lance, Elisabeth, myself, and Natalie. The girls joined three other girls and formed a group, and we were joined by three guys from Northland International University (Cody, Aarin, and Charles), a leader from NIU (Chris), and a seminary student from Baptist Bible College (Ethan).

The trip technically started on Saturday, May 14, and lasted until Friday, May 20. However, Saturday and Sunday were devoted to classroom work. Prior to actually going into the wilderness, the leaders of W.I.L.D. “framed” our experiences so we would be better prepared for the things we would encounter through the week.

When I post to my blog this week, I will recount the activities from each day of the trip. Sunday’s post will be a summary of both Saturday’s and Sunday’s activities and classroom work. Monday through Friday, I will post my daily journal from each day during the trip. The posts are scheduled so that they will automatically appear each day on my blog so that you can follow along as if I was still on the trip right now. Thanks for your interest and for following along!

W.I.L.D. LogoW.I.L.D. stands for Wilderness Institute of Leadership Development and is a program offered by Pilgrimage. Pilgrimage offers a variety of learning opportunities and great resources for churches and servicemen. W.I.L.D. consists of two days of class and five days in the wilderness. Pilgrimage also offers college credit for W.I.L.D. which can be received in conjunction with any of several participating schools. I HIGHLY recommend everything that Pilgrimage offers, and especially W.I.L.D. It’s well worth your time because it’s unlike any wilderness trip you might have been on. It’s wilderness at a whole new level.

Learn more about W.I.L.D.

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