Day 21: Ecclesiastes 5:8-121 min read

Oh the joys and sorrows of working and reaping wages. In verse 8 we are reminded of the injustice rampant in many a workplace. Oppression and cruelty abound in many places where workers aren’t treated well by those for whom they work.

In verse 10 we are reminded one again that some people are never satisfied with their monetary gain. They just want more and more but never find happiness in what they gain. Therefore, they don’t truly want what they get since they never get what they are seeking.

Verse 12 caps off the selection of Scripture by showing that someone who is content with the little he has is better off than the one who wants more and more and keeps getting more and more but can never rest.

The best option for me is to work hard, be content and satisfied with the fruit of my labor, and enjoy peace and comfort with God’s provision.

The sleep of a laboring man is sweet,
For in what he is given he is always content.
Whether he has a lot or a little to eat,
On just being satisfied he is fully intent.

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