Day 18: Ecclesiastes 5:1-22 min read

Oh, how important it is to come before God with pure motives and actions when we worship Him.

According to Ecclesiastes 5:1, it is better to draw near to the house of God and listen to the worship of others than to enter God’s presence and fail to properly worship Him. Improper worship is sin. It is “the sacrifice of fools,” and they don’t even realize that they are sinning.

How often do I go to church to sin?

It’s a sobering thought to think that I am often better off not even going to church to worship because I don’t treat worship the way I ought to. I offer up words of praise and stand there along with everyone else, but it is all an outward show. My body is there, and my heart may possibly be there, but my mind is somewhere else.

My words which are many are natural but forced, coming from a mouth that has spoken those words oft before and allowed them to become unconsciously automatic. I let my “heart utter anything hastily before God” (v. 2). I am a fool, ignorant of my sin.

What about my personal worship when I’m alone? Honestly, I think it is usually if not always done with pure motives and right actions. After all, it is entirely voluntary and usually spontaneous. But worship at church or in chapel at school is planned and structured.

I need to actively and continually evaluate my worship at church. If my heart or mind is not in it, than it would be more profitable for me to simply listen to others worship God than to pretend to join them and actually sin against God with vain repetition of words or related activities.

“For God is in heaven, and you on earth; therefore let your words be few.”

When I went to God’s house to worship Him there,
I didn’t go wisely with a heart that was right.
My worship was fake and my words were but air,
My worship was nothing but simply a sight.

I sinned without knowing that I was in wrong,
My words were all rash as I went through the motions.
It did God no good to go on for so long,
For I stood as a statue that had no emotions.

So when I come before Him to offer my praise,
I need to make sure it is done out of love.
For God wants my best for all of my days-
He wants my true worship till I join Him above.

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