W.I.L.D. 2011: Saturday/Sunday- Framing the Experience

Upon arriving at the base camp on Saturday, we were put to work setting up tents for all the groups. After that we went to the Community Center in nearby Elmsdale where we registered, ate a lasagna supper, and quickly got started into our first framing session.

On Saturday and Sunday combined, we had five framing sessions. W.I.L.D. does more than just send people out into the wilderness. It equips people with tools they can use to interpret the experiences they face and maximize their learning potential. Framing is all about preparing for anticipated experiences so that we can learn as much as possible from them. Read Full Post

W.I.L.D. 2011: A Wilderness Experience

Okay people, here it is. Many of you have been waiting to hear about my wilderness trip in Canada three weeks ago. But under orders to keep quiet about my trip for two weeks and re-engage in life back here at home, I have refrained from giving too many details.

Finally, the time has come when I can begin to tell you about my experience in the Algonquin. I have been reflecting on the trip and processing the things I have learned, and I am more than ready to share my experience and encourage everyone who is able to participate in W.I.L.D. next year. Read Full Post

School Chronicles: “Homemade Church”

On February 2, Faith Baptist Bible College had a rare snow day. Actually, as rare as they are, it was my second one in two years of school at Faith. But still, a snow day at Faith is an indication that the weather is really bad and the roads are sidewalk are not the safest for travel.

Well, unlike the snow day in 2009-2010, the weather on Wednesday, February 2 wasn’t as bad as the forecast had shown only the day before when the announcement was made. But it was still bad enough that churches cancelled their mid-week services. Read Full Post

School Chronicles

Well, now that school has been out for three weeks and I have had time to reflect on the school year while accomplishing things at home, I think it’s well past time (now that I have more time) to start posting stories and snippets from my past year at school. They won’t be in any specific order, but as I think of the stories I will record them here.
God was so good to me this year and He gave me many opportunities to learn, serve, teach, and lead at school. Hopefully I can use my blog to communicate the love, joy, and peace that I experienced, the patience, kindness, and goodness with which I was encouraged, and the faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control toward which I was challenged.
Life at Faith Baptist Bible College is definitely an experience, a valuable one. There are so many things to share, just from this last year. My first year was filled with learning opportunities as I adjusted to college life at Faith and got settled into my higher-learning environment. Now I’m weathered and learned, and my year was about utilizing every opportunity God gave me to grow and help others grow. So to God be the glory for what He has done. Read Full Post

Living with No Rights is Living the Right Way

Ancient Awl

Wielding a hammer, the master firmly struck the awl through the soft flesh and into the door post. The servant bravely suppressed a scream that tried to escape his mouth as pain seared through his ear lobe. But he was not afraid or distressed by the situation. No, he was full of joy and pride because of the significance of the moment. This man just made the transition from a servant to a bondservant. He would never be free again, and he had no rights, but he was happy. He was happy because he had chosen to be compelled to serve his master…for the rest of his life. Read Full Post