A Poem for Easter 20202 min read

Cowboy and Sunrise‘Twas Easter 2020, and I sat in my room,
Looking outside and feeling all gloom.
The sun barely shining, the earth filled with fear,
And I stuck at home with my cellphone drawn near.
A virus with seemingly little resistance
Had forced me and others to “socially distance.”

A moment of weakness as I sat alone
Caused me to question, “Is God still on the throne?”
For why would a God full of mercy and love
Let bad things occur and just watch from above?

But then I remembered that God is all-wise
And often works wonders unseen to the eyes.
My thoughts took me back almost two thousand years,
Removing my doubts and relieving my fears…

‘Twas two days gone by, and Christ laid in a tomb,
Soldiers outside were guarding his room.
God’s Son now defeated, the earth groaned in pain,
As darkness prepared for a wicked refrain.
No virus or violence compared to the plan
That Satan had readied for now hopeless man.

A weekend of triumph for God’s greatest foe,
Had given new life to the forces below.
For how could a God who was killed on a cross
Do anything now but concede total loss?

But then Sunday came and God’s playbook resumed
As the grave lost its prey and death was consumed.
Night became morning and mourning subsided;
Christ was not found from wherein he resided!

Darkness retreated, the devil defeated;
The Light of the World had his work now completed.
Once victim now victor, Christ rose from the dead,
His heel had been bruised, but he crushed Satan’s head.

No, I’m not stuck in this small house of mine,
God has me here now in his perfect design.
No need to worry about things I can’t see,
For something much better is waiting for me.

When that which is ugly takes over the world,
God unleashes power and beauty unfurled.
He does his best work when we’re drowning in grief,
Replacing our sorrow with joy and belief.

Have a great day everyone. Christ is risen!

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