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Four weeks ago I took a seminary module at Faith Baptist Theological Seminary. One of the “perks” of a module is a less formal dress code than both the college and seminary. So when I went to class that week, I was the “lucky” guy that didn’t have to wear a tie to class.

Halfway through the week I went to class without my tie while rest of the guys went to class with theirs. When I exited my room a few hours later, everyone else had removed their ties.

At 8:00am, I was special.

At 10:00am, I was normal.

A long-awaited dress code change had been announced in the college chapel, and male students at FBBC & TS were no longer required to wear a tie to class.

As for the girls, they were told that during the months of December-February, skirts were optional as well.

Following chapel, reports of rejoicing ensued, and the era of the classroom tie was over.

So what do I think of the change? First and foremost, hooray for the girls. I had suggested the skirt-during-the-winter change for two years, and I’m glad for the switch.

I simply can’t imagine what it is like to wear a skirt when it’s below freezing outside, nor do I want to know.

As for the guys and their ties, I’m indifferent. I personally don’t mind wearing a tie and I’ve never had an issue with it. Most guys who hate wearing ties complain that they choke them.

Actually, that theory is false. Ties don’t choke us. Shirts whose collars are too small for our necks choke us. So the guys who complained about the ties were usually the ones who didn’t wear shirts that actually fit them.

Don’t blame your pain on your problem.

When I wore shirts that fit me, the tie was no problem, and I looked better with one. After all, ties aren’t designed to choke people and look gross. Ties are designed to make guys look good. Who pays $24.97 for a personal noose anyway, let alone 10 of them?

Do I think Faith has lowered its standards? Not necessarily. I think they have lowered their clothing expectations, but not their standards. We still dress nice for class, and the clothing standards for Sunday dress are virtually the same as in the past.

What does the Bible have to say about ties or no ties? Well…nothing. It tells us to look nice and represent Christ well (1 Corinthians 10:31), and I think we can still do that with ties (for the guys) and pants (for the girls).

All that to say…I’m happy for everyone, but I still choose to wear my ties most – if not all – of the time. I like them and they look nice.

Actually, this is a great illustration of Christian liberty! Christian liberty does not give me the freedom to sin since my sin is paid for by God’s grace. It gives me the freedom to live a life that pleases Him!

Christian liberty is not freedom to live to a lower standard. It is freedom to live at a higher standard! Before I was saved, I was a slave to sin with no ability to live righteously. Now, I have the liberty and ability to pursue holiness.

No, I’m not making a comparison and saying that ties are sin. I’m saying that the handbook at school now gives me the freedom to wear ties rather than being required to wear them. Christian liberty allows for people to have various convictions, but I am free to set even higher standards for myself if I so choose.

Why do I wear a tie to class still?

Because I can. It’s called freedom.


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