Day 50: Ecclesiastes 9:13-181 min read

Wow, I really enjoyed this passage. To summarize, a small city with a few people in it were besieged by a large army (sounds like the Alamo, eh?).

However, there lived in the city a man who was poor but wise and because of his wisdom (and I assume his cunning), the city figured out a way to thwart the enemy and survive.

So the poor wise man was recognized and rewarded, right? Nope.

“Yet no one remembered that same poor man” (Ecclesiastes 9:15).

How could this happen?! That’s not fair! Doesn’t the city understand? Aren’t they grateful to this man?!

Unfortunately, no. That is the reality of our sinful world.

Solomon said, “Wisdom is better than strength. Nevertheless the poor man’s wisdom is despised, and his words are not heard” (Ecclesiastes 9:16).

So there you go. Which matters most to me? Truth or common misconception? Would I rather be strong, smart, talented and recognized or weak, simple, wise forgotten?

Of course, this passage doesn’t imply you can’t be both strong and wise. It simply points out that one triumphs over the other. “Wisdom is better than weapons of war” (Ecclesiastes 9:17).

What am I seeking after today- wisdom or strength? Which matters more to me- obscurity or popularity?

“Wisdom is better than weapons of war,”
Power is useful, but wisdom much more.
Strong men often are shrouded with fame,
But wise man we often do not know their names.

Wise words said in secret should often be heard,
But sadly we often do not know those words.
Strive to be known by one’s ears, not one’s eyes;
Seek not to be mighty- but humble and wise.

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