W.I.L.D. 2011: Friday- The End of the Adventure2 min read

Feeding a chipmunkFriday’s Journal Entry:

“Last day. Bittersweet in so many ways. In four hours we went from our sleeping bags to the shore on Rain Lake that we first launched off [of]. Along the way I ate breakfast, had my final devos in I Timothy, fed nuts to a chipmunk right out of my hand, steered a canoe for the fourth and final day, and ate trail mix on two more portages.

“With much joy and sadness we paddled our final few strokes and got group pictures. Our journey was over. But the trip was not complete.

Doing my devotions“We loaded up our gear, canoes, paddles, and life vests and then we jumped into Lance’s SUV and headed for the showers several kilometers away.

“Finally being clean, we met one last time in the Elmsdale Community center for a steak dinner and one last time of group reflection, encouragement, and prayer.

“It was encouraging to hear the guys describe me as an even-tempered person with a “calming effect” on others. Chris also said that he could sense that I had good things to say during our discussion times but often failed to open my mouth and say things. He challenged me to take the initiative, speak up, and share my thoughts.

“After our group time I prayed with two other guys from different groups. At the beginning of the week everyone split up into groups of three and prayed together. We prayed for our two partners throughout the week. The two other guys I prayed with were Devin and Colin. We prayed one last time and shared prayer requests for the summer.

“The last amen was said, and the good-byes were said. People started to leave and the adventure was officially over. The time had come to pack into our vehicles and leave.

“W.I.L.D. 2011 is history, and it was a great one. Praise the Lord.”

We made it!

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