A Year of Questions, Part 3: “So What Do You Do?”

The best job is the one you enjoy doing day after day after day. Right?

How many people out there have a job they dread? They might be making lots of money, but they might be happier doing something else that pays less.

Then there are the jobs that are fun for awhile and then they become mundane and undesirable. When I fly, I almost always sit in the back. I am never in a hurry to deplane, so I have no problem sitting farther back, and I also have a better chance of getting an empty seat beside me (and thus more space). After we land, I look out the window as the baggage handlers put our luggage on carts and take them away. I have thought to myself, “I think I would like doing that job…for a few days. Then I’d be tired of it.” Read Full Post

A Year of Questions, Part 2: “How Long Will You Be There?”

Their stoic faces glistened with tears as the shock began to take root in their minds. Most people never saw it coming, and several tried to convince themselves they were only having a bad dream.But this was not a cruel figment of one’s imagination- it was

But this was not a cruel figment of one’s imagination- it was reality, a reality that is experienced by churches around world, perhaps more regularly than it should. Read Full Post

A Year of Questions, Part 1: “How Did You End Up at Lighthouse?”

The longer you’re alive, the faster time seems to go by, and the last 365 days in my life have been no exception.

On October 8, 2016, I officially moved from Mason City, Iowa, up to Cottage Grove, Minnesota. Only a few short hours later, I taught junior church for the first time at Lighthouse Baptist Church. Thus began my new ministry as the assistant pastor at Lighthouse Baptist in Cottage Grove. Read Full Post

Brazil, Day 1: Take-off!

Well, today is the day that I left my United States for Brazil! It’s so CrAzY to think about all that has happened since Jim Leonard first asked me to go. Raise support, buy stuff, learn a couple words in Portuguese.

I was at camp last week, training some of the new staff and saying good-bye to my summer ministry for the last 10 summers. But now the time has come to go to Brazil, and it has been Read Full Post

A Dream Come True

Ringing at Calvary Baptist in Wisconsin Rapids

9 days
13 concerts
9 churches
3 Christian schools
37 people
1 ministry tour that will never be forgotten

As a member of the orchestra at Faith Baptist Bible College, it was a dream of mine the past few years to go on a week-long music ministry tour. Last August I received an email informing the orchestra members that at the end of the 2011-2012 school year, we would finally have that opportunity. But halfway through the fall semester, that dream once again became wishful thinking when I received news that the tour had been cancelled. Read Full Post