Brazil, Day 21: ALL the Playing!

Woke up again around 5:30am to see if the sunrise would be worth watching, and it was. This morning the sky was full of clouds, so the sunrise was a pretty one. It wasn’t even close to being one of the best I’ve seen, but it was beautiful nonetheless.

As I watched it rise I ran some sprints on the property behind the house. My plan was to go up to the campus again and run around it, but the key to get out of our gated yard was gone, so I couldn’t get out without climbing the wall. I tried to run the equivalent of five 240-yard sprints, similar to what we do during the soccer season. Read Full Post

Drawing the Line: Being Picky

During seminary chapel on Tuesday, we were given a special treat. Mark Lounsbrough, filling in this week for an adjunct faculty member who was unable to come teach his module, shared the story of how God brought him on board as a faculty member at FBBC.

I have heard the story before, but it’s always a blessing to hear how God worked in the life of Mr. Lounsbrough to take him away from a ministry he dearly loved and place him in a new ministry that he fulfills so well. Read Full Post