A New Child

The image is embedded in my mind…

…the day my bedroom became a birth room.

I’m a visual person, so when I remember things, I see them. If I can’t see it, I probably don’t remember it. The farther back you go in my life, the fewer pictures I still have, but one of them I will never forget- or, I hope I never do. Read Full Post

The Blessing of the Family of God

So I’ve been thinking a lot about the church lately…

You might say, “Well, of course. You’re doing a church planting internship!”

Yes, that’s true, but that’s only part of it. Another part of it is simply the fact that I see┬álocal churches everywhere I go, whether in Omaha or in the Des Moines area. Read Full Post

Brazil, Day 19: Preparation for Sacred Music Week

I woke up at 5:15 to watch the sunrise, but there were no clouds in the sky to make for a beautiful sunrise, so I just went back to bed. At 6:40 I woke up again to go running. This time I went up and down the seminary campus steps several times.

For breakfast we had scrambled eggs with ham, toast, orange pineapple juice, and papaya. Stephen, Sarah, Olivia, Danae, Jennifer, and I had a meeting at 8:00 in the chapel to start cleaning the campus in preparation for the music week, so we headed to yonder chapel immediately after eating. Read Full Post

Brazil, Day 15: Odd Jobs and Leadership Conference

Ugh…I don’t like waking up in the morning! Well, I do, but I don’t like to wake up early and I especially don’t like to exercise alone. But I had to do what I had to do, and I ran 6 kilometers.

My devotions were in Acts 10. In this chapter, Cornelius and Peter both have visions which lead to Cornelius’ conversion. I didn’t actually read about the conversion yet though. I read the first 23 verses, detailing the two visions and the entourage that was sent to summon Peter. Wow, God works in interesting yet exciting ways sometimes! Read Full Post