A New Child

The image is embedded in my mind…

…the day my bedroom became a birth room.

I’m a visual person, so when I remember things, I see them. If I can’t see it, I probably don’t remember it. The farther back you go in my life, the fewer pictures I still have, but one of them I will never forget- or, I hope I never do. Read Full Post

Preparing the Bride

In the past, I wasn’t the biggest fan of weddings. As a child I went to weddings with my family and a couple times in my “later years” I had the privilege of playing music for the weddings of close family members or friends. But I never was too enthralled with them. I enjoyed the food though, and if I have enough mental capacity to remember any of the specific weddings I attended, I literally canĀ tell you what food or punch almost every one of them served: Chicken enchiladas, pork roast, Famous Dave’s, grape punch with vanilla ice cream- to name a few. Read Full Post

“To Infinity and Beyond”

20 years and counting…

Wow, it’s been a long time, but the vapor of the last 20 years has also been fleeting. Praise the Lord there are many more to come!

On this evening on March 15, 1995, I knelt at my bedside and received Jesus Christ as my Savior. It is one of those childhood memories that I can still clearly visualize. Read Full Post

The Blessing of the Family of God

So I’ve been thinking a lot about the church lately…

You might say, “Well, of course. You’re doing a church planting internship!”

Yes, that’s true, but that’s only part of it. Another part of it is simply the fact that I seeĀ local churches everywhere I go, whether in Omaha or in the Des Moines area. Read Full Post

Brazil, Day 16: ALL the Neat Stories!

So, as the title indicates, today I heard a lot of great stories. In order to remember them later on, I’m gonna write them all down.

First of all, my day began with another 6-kilometer run. That’s not much of a story, but it happened. For breakfast we had yummy bread with fried cheese and guava jam again, pineapple, and papaya. We finished by reading a chapter from “The Red Sea Rules,” a devotional book by Robert J. Morgan that the Leonard family reads from time to time during breakfast. It’s a good reminder of the importance of trusting God during hard times. Read Full Post