It’s Called a Phone…

So, in Canada when someone picks up a phone, dials a number, and uses the phone to communicate with someone else, the action is referred to as “phoning.” If I needed to contact someone with my phone, I would phone him.

But in the United States, we refer to the same action as “calling.” If I need to contact someone with my phone, I would call him. Read Full Post

Why Do I Do This?!

So, I’ve gone on many a Black Friday excursions. I remember going with Dad when I was young, helping him get gifts. That was when the stores offered doorbuster prizes to the first 100 or so people who went through the doors. Snowmen, gift cards, Matchbox cars…

I’ve also gone a few times by myself, mostly in the last few years. Most of those times I’ve waited in the Staples store line to get a hard drive or blank CDs. My most profitable year by far was the year I waited at Target for $100 Star Wars Lego sets that were on sale for $50. I got two of them and sold them for a total of about $250 on eBay- definitely worth that wait. Read Full Post


So, two weeks ago I traveled with my soccer team to Kansas for a couple of games versus conference foes. We played a game on Friday, stayed in a hotel on Friday night, played on Saturday, and traveled back on Saturday afternoon.

Well, we assigned ourselves in groups of four to various rooms, and I led my group up to our hotel room, #316. I used my card key to unlock the door, and we walked in and started to unpack. About half an hour later as I was settling in and reading a book, our door opened up. A stranger peeked in and said in a startled voice, “Oh, I’m sorry! This is the third time I’ve had to go to the front desk and get a different room.” Read Full Post

How to Win Over a Virtuous Woman on Your First Date

So I’m 22 and I’m going to Faith Baptist Bridal College, and I’m still happily single. In fact, I’m exceedingly happily single. But for those of you out there who are searching for that virtuous woman, I have advice on how to get her after you find that girl whose value is far above rubies. Read Full Post

2011: The Music, a Musician, and the Maestro


Have you ever thought of time as a piece of music? Perhaps a concerto with millennia as movements, centuries as periods, years as phrases, and weeks as measures?

You and I are each musicians in the largest orchestra ever created, the universe as our hall, the earth as our shell, the angels as our audience, and God as the Maestro. We each have our own responsibility to play our parts correctly, but ultimately it is God who masterfully controls the performance and receives the credit for a piece well-played. Read Full Post